A creative journey with doll fashion

Jacket over dress

I have spent most of my spare time making a soft New Zealand woolen top for myself and unpicking the lining of my coat so I can make a pattern. I did finish one dress with a matching jacket in silk. The other one is cut out and ready for me to sew this week.

Birds in Paradise

I have been distracted this week as I have been sewing winter clothes for myself and I also need to reline a coat to take on holidays. So the little blouse has been cut out and sitting on the bench It will stay there for a little bit longer as I would like to make some outfits with these lovely fabrics. 20170312_210636

Spring Thing

I really enjoyed making this outfit. Retro pants and an empire line top and a matching hat. I found pants can be tricky as the length varies between dolls.  I just have enough top fabric to make a blouse. This is my next project which maybe teamed with some pants.

You must see the link below. Just amazing. I wish I could buy some of those miniature flowers, they are gorgeous or make my own but I have not found them on the internet.

Chotronette Inspired Flower Gown

A Touch of Lace

I have used all the scalloped lace and I made four outfits in total of various colors. Moving on I would like to create a silk evening outfit and I have had some retro pants ready to sew. I am thinking I may add some retro blouses and maybe a hat. I have some modern fabrics that would be great for my Fashion Royalty dolls. Here are the outfits.

AM Dreams

Hi All

Don DeGracia has made an amazing diorama with one of my dolls dresses. Here is a link to view.

Welcome to my 5th major diorama! (#1 here, #2 here, #3 here, #4 here) I call this one “AM Dreams”. However, “AM” does not stand for “morning” but for ANNIE MORRI…

Source: AM Dreams

Misty Blue

I am having trouble thinking about making winter dolls clothes as it has been very hot here. I love the color blue so I made a summer off the shoulder retro dress. I am very pleased with the finish product and I have enough lace to make another two or maybe three in different colors. So that is what I will work on next.

Back Sewing

I have been away again tripping OS to visit friends but I am back sewing again for myself and my dolls. I had some lovely yellow silk so decided to make a 1960’s little dress and hand sew some complimentary flower ribbon on to the dress. Silk just shines so beautifully.