Summer Skies

Blue is my favorite color and my wardrobe is full of blue clothes. I actually made a long sleeved shirt for myself out of this linen. This linen is very soft and lovely to wear. It is a bold print but I feel it works very well for a dolls outfit.



Inneston is a beautiful place on the tip of the Yorke Peninsula which is surrounded by stunning sea views and a great place to do some bush camping. I just love this place so I named this outfit after Inneston.

My apricot outfit has not made it to my Etsy site as I am not happy with the garment so far. Getting the doll in and out of this garment is difficult. I also wanted to make this fully lined and I should have constructed this outfit differently. I may come back to this one later.

Easter Holiday

I had big plans to sew up more then one outfit over Easter but I could not find the time. I was helping my husband with some concreting behind our shed as we are turning this area into a garden shed. So I have two unfinished dresses at the moment sitting on the ironing board. One is blue and the other is a soft apricot.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break.

Back in the swing

I love a full skirt and this lovely teal floral cotton came up a treat for a dolls dress. I made this for the old silkstone barbies but it can be wore by other dolls but the bust area is a little big for them.

I plan to be working in the garden over Easter and planting some vegetables. I always plant garlic and this year I plan to plant them in the next couple of weeks, Last year I left them too late and they were smaller then previous crops. There is so much pleasure in eating and cooking with vegetables and fruit from your own garden.

Fanning Gold

I like to blog on Mondays and put up one creation on Etsy but for the last week we have been entertaining visitors from New Zealand. Showing them some of the sites that Adelaide and surrounding country towns have to offer.

. This meant that last week I put up an outfit from my home collection and not one that I have been working on recently. Oh I just realised that I haven’t posted since last month. I forgot to blog when I posted the blue and gold outfit. This one has been sold and is on its way to the US.

I have really been enjoying using some gorgeous Japanese cotton with a touch of gold. It goes beautifully with silks I have.

Have a lovely week everybody and I will be posting again next Monday.


I have been cleaning and getting ready for friends coming from New Zealand. So I was unable to finish a new outfit for my Etsy site. I have put an expired one up for this week. We are showing them the wonderful site of South Australia.