I just fell in love with this exotic ramie fabric which bright, playful and makes me happy. There was only enough to make this little dress and I was very pleased with the finished outfit.

Another outfit that I completed late last year and sold very quickly is pictured below.

Violet Days

I am obsessed with this violets fabric. It is soft and looks lovely in photos.

I have been getting ready for a hiking holiday next week and do not have a lot of time for dolls clothes.

Unfortunately my Etsy shop will have to take a break for a couple of weeks while I am away.

Violet Dreams

I bought this fabric a few years ago and I just love the way it looks in this little dress. It is a very soft cotton lawn and goes well with the lilac peace silk. I have had a lot on this week including taking my mother-in-law to the theatre, Friday night footy and an introduction course in Tambour. Sorry I do not have a photo to show you the tambour but in future I will.

Have a lovely week and take time to breath and enjoy your surroundings.

Sweet Serenade

Although my favorite color is blue I tend to have a lot of greens in my fabric collection. The reason for this is in the last few years I have been buying fabric that represent the Australian outback and especially the salt bush ash green color. I have kept this style simple to show off this lovely patterns and colors of this fabric.

I am trying to have one outfit completed per week to keep my creative juices flowing. Usually I like this to be Mondays so this week I am a little late. This week I have kept up the walking, been to the dentist and visited the Art Gallery of South Australia to see the Impressionists exhibition which was fantastic.

Red White and Blue

I love the combination of red, white and blue an have been wanting to make this outfit for sometime. I would have liked to have this one posted around Australia day this year but I got distracted with other creations. I am planning to make an evening dress or two and some sheath dresses with some bold prints and some mixed fabric little party dress.

As school holidays are over I am back at Tai Chi and sewing classes. I have nearly finished a pair of white stretch jeans for myself. Also I went to the football with my husband on Saturday night and a long 23km walk on Sunday. We are in training for a week away in June in the FlindersĀ  Ranges walking the Heysen Trail with group end to end 8.


Love Linen

I could not resist making another linen outfit. Again this is some soft linen bold print I made a short sleeved top for myself in. I have worn this top a lot. I have used the bold darker colors for this, but looking at what is left I could make some softer colored garments in shades of pink, cream and fawn with a touch of black.

Other activities I have been doing in the last week are hiking in the bush, fish and chips for dinner at my favorite beach and to watch the sunset. Some cuddle time with my kitty.

I hope you all have sometime each week to enjoy nature and a touch of simplicity.

Moody Weather

I do not know about you but the weather has a major affect on my mood for the day. It has been very warm for this time of year and we have been enjoying some summer time sports. The sea has been flat with a silvery blue color I just love. Pity I don’t have any fabric that color. Also the river has been beautiful. Flat water and reflections are magic. Also wishing that I had some fabric in these colors.

I called my new little outfit Marion as I drive through Marion on my way to sewing classes and because of this warm weather we are having gardens are still blooming.